• The Malmberg family, owners of De Palm Tours.

    Mr. Luis C. De Palm founded De Palm Tours in 1960. He provided a high level of service, which gave the company a strong level of acceptance in the tourism field in Aruba as well as the travel community abroad. Then, in 1971 Harold D. Malmberg and Ramon A. Richardson purchased the company and immediately began to restructure. De Palm Corporation and its subsidiaries are the now the providers of recreational facilities, activities and services, combined with land and sea transportation.

    At De Palm, our motto is: “nobody leaves Aruba unhappy!” All the unfulfilled wishes and complaints of our customers are handled and settled before their departure. This commitment to customer service has generated many repeat customers for our travel clients as well as for Aruba and our company.


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    Experience our private island! Your family will enjoy an entire day of water activities and food.
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    Our catamaran snorkeling and dinner cruises are the most fun you will have on Aruba's waters.